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Get the current OAS CAHPS data.


  .data_sets = c("Facility", "State", "National")



The data that results from the current_hosp_data() function.


The default is: c("Claim","Facility","State","National"), which will bring back all of the data in the OAS CAHPS data sets that are in the file. You can choose from the following:

  • Facility

  • National

  • State

You can also pass things like c("state","Nation") as behind the scenes only the OAS CAHPS data sets are available to the function to choose from and grep is used to find matches with = TRUE set.


Gets the current OAS CAHPS data from the current hospital data file.


This function will obtain the current OAS CAHPS data from the output of the current_hosp_data() function, that is the required input for the .data parameter. You can pass in a list of which of those data sets you would like,


Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH


if (FALSE) {
current_hosp_data() |>
  current_maternal_data(.data_sets = c("State","National"))