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A dataset containing many common items found in an administrative dataset at a hospital.




A data frame with 187,721 rows and 17 variables


  • mrn. Medical Record Number. Unique patient identifier.

  • visit_id. Unique hospital Visit ID. Tied to an mrn

  • visit_start_date_time. The starting datetime of a visit_id

  • visit_end_date_time. The ending datetime of a visit_id

  • total_charge_amount. The total charge in dollars for a visit_id

  • total_amount_due. The toal amount of money still due to a visit_id

  • total_adjustment_amount. The toal amount of money adjusted off of an account for various reasons

  • payer_grouping. The insurance classification of a visit_id

  • total_payment_amount. The total amount of money paid on a visit_id

  • ip_op_flag. A flag that indicates if the patient was admitted or was an outpatient

  • service_line. The hospital service line for the visit_id

  • length_of_stay. The total days a visit_id was admitted to the hospital

  • expected_length_of_stay. The total days a visit_id was expected to be admitted

  • lnmgth_of_stay_threshold. The threshold of the length_of_stay variable before the visit_id is considered to be an outlier

  • los_outler_flag. A binary indicator of whether or not a visit_id was above the threshold

  • readmit_flag. A binary indicator of whether or not a visit_id was admitted in 30 days

  • readmit_expectation. The readmit rate for the particular visit computed from a benchmark