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This function will produce three plots faceted on a single graph. The three graphs are the following:

  • Value Plot (Actual values)

  • Value Velocity Plot

  • Value Acceleration Plot


ts_vva_plot(.data, .date_col, .value_col)



The data you want to visualize. This should be pre-processed and the aggregation should match the .frequency argument.


The data column from the .data argument.


The value column from the .data argument


The original time series augmented with the differenced data, a static plot and a plotly plot of the ggplot object. The output is a list that gets returned invisibly.


This function expects to take in a data.frame/tibble. It will return a list object that contains the augmented data along with a static plot and an interactive plotly plot. It is important that the data be prepared and have at minimum a date column and the value column as they need to be supplied to the function. If your data is a ts, xts, zoo or mts then use ts_to_tbl() to convert it to a tibble.


Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH



data_tbl <- ts_to_tbl(AirPassengers) %>%

ts_vva_plot(data_tbl, date_col, value)$plots$static_plot
#> Warning: Removed 3 rows containing missing values (`geom_line()`).