About Me

Hello! I’m Steven Paul Sanderson II, MPH, a professional with a Master of Public Health degree, specializing in areas related to health information systems management and data science. I work as a Manager of Applications at Stony Brook Medicine in the Patient Accounts Department. In this role, I oversees the implementation and management of software applications that support the department’s operations and patient accounts management.

In addition to my professional responsibilities, I am an active developer in the R programming community. I maintain several R packages, including: healthyR, healthyR.ts, healthyR.ai, healthyR.data, TidyDensity, tidyAML and healthyverse.

These packages are geared towards data analysis, time series forecasting, artificial intelligence applications, data management, density estimation, and automated machine learning, reflecting his expertise in coding and data science.

I am also passionate about continuous learning and professional development, with goals to pursue an additional master’s degrees in health information systems management. My interests span computers, coding, movies, and music.